2018-07-18 22:20 CEST

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0000326Cheat Enginepublic2014-04-14 13:37
Assigned ToDark Byte 
Summary0000326: The case where CE isn't responding when trying to open "Process List"
DescriptionClick to "Memory View" -> "Tools" -> "Watch memory allocations" without any open process. You will see the message "Please target a process first".
Now try to open any process.
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SERGANT (reporter)

This also happens with "Memory View" -> "View" -> "Heaplist"


mgr_inz_Player (reporter)

Can confirm this. It happens only for 32bit version. 64bit version works fine.

Official CE6.3 (32&64 bit) doesn't have this bug.


Dark Byte (developer)

should hopefully be fixed in the svn.

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