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0000280Cheat Enginepublic2013-11-13 01:51
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Summary0000280: CE6.3 - Sticky highlight in stack view
DescriptionAs I step through the instructions in the trace window, the 'Stack view' window gets refreshed.
Some instructions (push, pop, add/sub esp, etc.) cause addresses to shuffle around.
I'd like to be able to mark an address as 'sticky' (for example, via the right-click menu).
The marked address would get an eye-catcher, such as a bullet in front (or maybe some light background colour) so it can be easily spotted - and as I step through the instructions in the trace window, the eye-catcher would always show up at the right address when the 'Stack view' window gets refreshed.
Thank you for considering.
Additional InformationAbove is a general idea; I guess there might be more intuitive ways to achieve the same thing.
The reason I need this because I find myself looking up and down the stack window a lot (when moving through the instruction trace quickly, I look at only the stack window).
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Dark Byte (developer)

Implemented in the svn. (Also, you could set it to EBP+* formatting, pushes usually don't change that on a proper function)

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