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0000259Cheat Enginepublic2013-08-29 23:00
Assigned ToDark Byte 
Summary0000259: Disassembler and Assembler needs to be fixed
0FBD C9 should be BSR ECX,ECX (BSR r16,r/m16 or BSR r32,r/m32)
D9EA should be FLDL2E
DE C0 should be FADDP ST(0),ST(0)
D8E8 should be FSUBR ST(0),ST(0)
D8FF should be FDIVR ST(0),ST(7)
0FA5 D0 should be SHLD EAX,EDX,CL
0FA5 C3 should be SHLD EBX,EAX,CL
0FA5 DA should be SHLD EDX,EBX,CL
0FA5 D6 should be SHLD ESI,EDX,CL
F3 0F52 D2should be RSQRTSS XMM2,XMM2

between two SSE registers:
0F12 C8 should be MOVHLPS XMM0,XMM1 (opcode: OF 12 /r)
0F16 FF should be MOVLHPS XMM7,XMM7 (opcode: OF 16 /r)

note, 'memory to XMM' and 'XMM to memory' opcodes:
MOVLPS - 0F 12 /r and 0F 13 /r
MOVHPS - 0F 16 /r and 0F 17 /r


rsqrtps xmm0,[eax]
rcpss xmm0,[eax] (scalar single)
rcpps xmm0,[eax] (packed single)
pmulhuw mm0,[eax] (MMX register)
pmulhuw xmm0,[eax] (SSE register)
psubsb mm0,[eax]
psubsw mm0,[eax]
psubsb xmm0,[eax]
psubsw xmm0,[eax]
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mgr_inz_Player (reporter)

Assembler unit:

PEXTRW r32, mm, imm8
PEXTRW r32, xmm, imm8

0FC5 C0 01 - pextrw eax,mm0,01
66 0FC5 C0 01 - pextrw eax,xmm0,01


Dark Byte (developer)

fixed in svn

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