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0000258Cheat Enginepublic2013-06-30 12:42
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Summary0000258: Cheat Engine 5.6.1 "Invalid Pointer Operation"
DescriptionOS: Win 7 64bit

Iam using Cheat Engine 5.6.1 because 6.2/6.3 always my trainers don't work.
I want to set the value of a adress from XXX to X_XX (string).
I always get the Error "invalid operation error".

In 6.2 I don't get these error, but all trainers I made - doesnt work...
any idea how i could fix these error? or why my trainers in version 5.6.1 work and in 6.3 (doing the same)... doesn't work.
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Dark Byte (developer)

Last edited: 2013-06-29 14:02

At what point do you get "Invalid operation error"
What action causes that ?


ExPaiN (reporter)

Last edited: 2013-06-30 13:00

I want to change a map in a Game. (adress)
Every other maps are working for example "Test" to "Test2"
just one map is called "Test_2" (example)
But when I am using _ I always get "invalid pointer operation", during i try to change the value.


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