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0000251Cheat Enginepublic2013-06-06 19:32
Assigned ToDark Byte 
Summary0000251: Group Scan Doesn't Use Hex
DescriptionWhen generating a groupscan command and attempting to use it, Cheat Engine does not accept hex values, regardless of whether or not the Hex box is checked.

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Load a game and cheat engine. Attach CE to the game.
2. Change the Value Type to Grouped.
3. Ensure the Hex box is checked.
4. Use the Generate groupscan command option to search for a hex value (eg: "1:A8 1:0E 1:E8 1:00 "
5. Click First Scan.

An error message is displayed: 'Scan error:thread 0:"A8" is an invalid integer'

1. This message is not displayed if the user inputs only numeric values; however, they are interpreted as base-10 values instead of hex (eg hex 38 is not interpreted as base 10 56, but as base 10 38).
2. This issue occurs regardless of whether or not the Hex box is checked.
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RblDiver (reporter)

Forgot to add, I tried this on 6.2 64-bit version.


mgr_inz_Player (reporter)

Last edited: 2013-06-05 22:26

In this case, "Hex box" is intentionally ignored.

But, just use 0x prefix, example:
1:0xA8 1:0x0E 1:0xE8 1:0x0

I personally prefer to use decimal and hex at the same time:
4:0x3F800000 4:0 4:1 4:1 f:16

The fix/solution will be:
- disabled(grayed out) hex box when "groped" type,
- updated help file ("Value types" section) about "grouped type". How to use, tricks, etc.


Dark Byte (developer)

fixed in the svn
as mgr_inz_player said, use 0x or $ in front (both work)
the hex checkbox is now invisible for that type

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