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0000234Cheat Enginepublic2013-03-29 17:15
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Summary0000234: Z77A-G45 Problem
DescriptionHi, I have the motherboard Z77A-G45 and I discovered that Cheat Engine does not work with this motherboard! the speedhack does not speed up the process as the torrent (I use the program specially for that) you might like to solve?
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Dark Byte (developer)

Try a bios upgrade, it tends to solve a specific debugger problem a few people had.
Anyhow, I really doubt that your mainboard/bios is responsible for the speedhack not working.
Usually this is because you've selected the wrong process
Other times, you have an anti virus installed which "protects" you from using the speedhack
And mainly, the speedhack does not speed up downloads. It just fakes a faster download speed


SideSilent (reporter)

No, I do not have antivirus
windows firewall is disabled
the bios is updated

still does not work

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