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0000214Cheat Enginepublic2013-01-26 01:11
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Summary0000214: CE: Ask which file to open
DescriptionWhen I select a process, CE checks if there's a table with the same name and asks me if I want to open it.
Quite often, the table does not exists but a dozen of similarly named tables do.

For example, my process is called: game.exe
CE looks for game.ct.
If it exists, it asks me, if it does not, it does not.

Since quite a few titles use the game.exe as the process name, we have to rename the table to some other name, for example:

I'd like to have the current behaviour changed a bit:
CE should use FindFirst and FindNext to enumerate files that might exist based on the process name, and then offer a choice when I selected the process.
For example, if the process name was game.exe, CE would look for game*.ct - rather than just game.ct - and stuffs all filenames found into a list.
Next, if the list contains
- no items, nothing happens.
- exactly 1 item, CE asks if I want to open it (or skip), like it does today.
- more than 1 items, CE populates a dialog with the file names and asks me to select the one I want to open (or skip).
Additional InformationIf it's not clear, please let me know, thanks!
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