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0000207Cheat Enginepublic2013-01-21 06:40
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Summary0000207: about using luasocket in CE.
Descriptionhi DB, i had write a lua plugin to use socket lib and post it in 4r, it doest work with your lua dll file, i had include source code in it(a small file), if you have time, please read it a bit. i had spent sometime to figure it out but i can't find the point yet, but these is two diffrent i saw in your binary with one provide from lua offical. the first is you remove depended on vc8 run time lib, perhaps you could re-add it to test your luadll with socket, if it worked then perhaps remove vc8 run time is bad idea :D if not, may be need to figure more. when debug my source, you will saw the reason to crash it lua_pcall function, and the second is you add more import function, i dont know, reason may be you want use native function and locking thread in ce lua. if it worked with socket lib, i think not to use is one of solution, by you may have another big idea for this, i have read some document about lua coroutine, it doest fast as navite but i think most of task need "speed" you already do it in ce, so native thread can be replace by coroutine, if user really need speed, autoassember function can do it. hope this can help a bit.
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ablonevn (reporter)

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about remove vc8 run time, these is much version of lua when you search google. lua_vc8_.zip lua_vc10.tgz... perhaps this have some reasons. and lua_pcall crash may be you had put a "entercriticalsection" at be for running it, it can not run it content just because preview call call to socket listen and/or some function which need to wait until it receive message from OS. so the "leavecriticalsection" may not being call while other function request to "entercriticalsection" and timeout :D


Dark Byte (developer)

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Check out this topic: http://forum.cheatengine.org/viewtopic.php?t=543960 , it has a function luasocket

The main thing is that my lua version has different headers (due to the lnum patch) making any precompiled library, or any library compiled with the original lua headers incompatible, so when you compile your module, you must make sure you have the proper headerfiles (I posted them in that topic as well)


ablonevn (reporter)

thanks, i will check it out.

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