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0000172Cheat Enginepublic2012-07-04 19:21
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Summary0000172: Windows 7 x64 SP1 and Cheat Engine 6.2 x86 crash
DescriptionToday I just got done with 2 long rescans of pointers and decided to close cheat engine 6.2 x86 and just so happens it eventually decides directly after closing the program for the most part to crash the program to the unknown or stack hash whichever you prefer and etc.. Thanks for listening and have a nice day!. If there is anything else data wise you need please be sure to let me know and I will do my best to provide you with the data in question. Thanks again..
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Dark Byte (developer)

Uninstall hydravision if you have it running


chaosjs1 (reporter)

Thanks for the suggestion, However, Just so you know I have a evga nvidia geforce 560 superclocked and 2gig video memory ddr5 so I do believe that it does not come with hydravision installation therefore I do not have hydravision installed! Thanks again anyways!....


Dark Byte (developer)

Well, it could be ce ran out of memory and screwed up some internal memory, I'll see about adding some alloc checks. (the x86 pointerscan can only allocate 3GB ram for the map as opposed to the 64-bit which can allocate a bit more)

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