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0000117Cheat Enginepublic2009-09-24 23:20
Assigned ToDark Byte 
Summary0000117: CE 5.5 Cannot compile instruction (fild dqword ptr [esp+x])
DescriptionThis is the code I am trying to put into the Auto-Assembler:
fild dqword ptr [esp+24]
When I click ok after editing the code, I get this error message:
"Error in line 10 (fild dqword ptr [esp+24]) : This instruction can't be compiled."
Note that I got the original code the disassembler window, from this line:
00602906 - df 6c 24 24 - fild dqword ptr [esp+24]
(so, you can see the byte code)

Thanks for fixing.
Additional InformationWhen I try this:
 - right-click code in disassembler window
 - select Assemble from the pop-up menu
 - paste the code fild dqword ptr [esp+24]
 - and click ok
, I get this:
"I don't understand what you mean with fild dqword ptr [esp+24]."

If you need more info or testing, please email me directly.
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Dark Byte (developer)

It's probably a disassembler problem
Not sure if it is a dqword or a qword

anyhow, ce will assemble it correctly if you use "fild qword ptr [esp+24]"


Dark Byte (developer)

fixed in svn

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