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Summary0000517: CE 6.6 return carriages still sometimes incorrectly inserted into strings
DescriptionIn CheatEngine 6.5, pasting long strings into the string edit box caused the string to be interpreted incorrectly and inserted return carriages into the content of the actual string being pasted wherever a line break was caused by the text window width. This is fixed in 6.6, HOWEVER, submitting long strings appears to still generate return carriages in the actual string content at the location of current line breaks due to the text box size.
Steps To ReproduceType or paste any string message longer than the width of CheatEngine's "Change Value" prompt when editing a string causing it to move to the next line, then submit it. Note the extra 2 bytes generated (0D 0A) at the position of any line breaks present when clicking OK to confirm string change.
Additional InformationBefore submitting the string, resizing the window shows the overflowing text shifting upwards to the previous line as space is available. This proves the problem does not happen until OK is clicked; modify the string again, and now if you attempt to resize the window the text remains fixed due to the line breaks CheatEngine inserted.

p.s. Great program, been using it for years to patch bugs in old games. :)
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2016-11-22 10:47   
DISREGARD INFORMATION ABOVE, my apologies! I was running an old shortcut still pointing at CE 6.5 after I installed CE 6.6, BUT there is still a bug with the text box in 6.6:

Strings are no longer 'closed' when submitting the change, that is, if you edit a non-unicode string with length of 20 characters, and only type in 10 characters and leave the rest blank, a stop byte (00) is no longer inserted at the end like 6.5 did, which leaves the rest of the string after that position intact.

So if I edit the string "Hello there" to read "Hi" it becomes "Hillo there"...

Sorry for the version mix up. That's what I get for reporting bugs at 1am. :)
2016-11-22 11:15   
Correction: This issue does still exist in 6.6, but you have to paste incredibly long strings (greater than about 1024 characters). Eventually the row of text becomes so long that CE forces a line break, and if the string is submitted this way it does actually insert the break into the string itself.

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