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0000510Cheat Engine(No Category)public2016-09-29 19:142016-09-29 23:54
Assigned ToDark Byte 
PlatformOSOS VersionWindows 7 x64
Summary0000510: Cheat Engine doesn't remember "Enumerate DLL's" window position [v6.5.1]
DescriptionCheat Engine doesn't remember "Enumerate DLL's and Symbols" window position and size, resetting them every time the window is opened anew.
* It also doesn't remember position of "Find" window for "Enumerate DLL's and Symbols" window.
* It also resets position of "Find" window every time `Ctrl-F` is pressed in "Enumerate DLL's and Symbols" window when "Find" window is already open.
* "[X] Save window positions" option is _set_.
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Dark Byte   
2016-09-29 23:54   
Enumerate DLL's and the Find window now save their position

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