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0000506Cheat Enginepublic2016-09-20 23:332016-09-29 22:38
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Summary0000506: List of datatypes for "Scan for addresses with value" becomes empty
DescriptionWhen attempting to perform a new pointerscan using the "Scan for addresses with value" option after having done so once before in the same session, where normally would be listed "4 Byte, Float, Double", there is instead a blank space, and the drop-down menu is also empty.
Steps To ReproduceFrom the window titled "Pointer scan",
Open the "Pointer scanner" menu,
Select "Scan for pointer",
Check the radial labelled "Scan for addresses with value",
Enter any value into the text field,
Click "OK",
Try to do another pointerscan with the same radial checked
Additional InformationI have verified that this bug was not present in 6.5.
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Dark Byte   
2016-09-29 22:38   
should be fixed

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