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Trainer Being Flagged For Containing Malware
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PostPosted: Sat Mar 01, 2014 6:14 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

STN wrote:
Rydian wrote:

STN wrote:
I don't use any AV at all, even have disabled the windows essential thing and i haven't got infected for years now.
"I haven't gone to the doctor for years and a doctor hasn't told me I'm sick for years now."

This is actually a pretty stupid metaphor, so what you're suggesting is i should sit in the doctor office all day or have a doctor sit in my lap all day for the rest of my life so i don't get ill ? lol.
No, I'm saying that if you don't check for something, you're obviously not going to find anything even if it's there.

Most infections (adware and scams being the notable exceptions) benefit from you not knowing they're on your system (because if you know you have an infection, you're going to try to get rid of it). So, barring those exceptions, most infections will not make themselves noticeable.

STN wrote:
The rest of your post is based on a lot of assumption and basically assuming the user is an idiot
Being an idiot for visiting sites like the new york times, huffington post, twitter, etc? Lots of sites have had malvertising issues, and as I showed you don't even need to try to download anything to get infected nowadays. Simply viewing a web page exploiting a vulnerability in your browser can be enough, which is why slipping infections into advertisements (so that they get served onto otherwise-safe sites) is such a common tactic nowadays.

STN wrote:
and a lot of bad luck.
Visiting a known-good website at a time when it's passing out infections that just happen to target your browser's existing vulnerability is definitely bad luck.

And can happen to anybody, which is why it's a good idea to keep an AV around.

STN wrote:
Even steam was hacked at one point and google as well, the only place truly safe is a closet in your room but bad shit might happen there too.
I'm not suggesting that people drop off the face of the net or use nothing but a livecd to browse or something. I'm pointing out that things have changed since you last read up on how this stuff works, and even people that know exactly what they're doing should have an AV around to catch things that slip through.

STN wrote:
AVs just give you a false sense of security, i still have a trojan that is undetected by all AVs that i wrote back in the day when starting out programming and hacked a friend who was using kaspersky. It won't be undetected when it goes public but can your fully updated AV save you ? Nope, you are just as invulnerable as me except my PC resources aren't as hogged up. Same with any smart new malware, its undetected until it goes public and popular but for me to get it as just as unlikely as me winning a million dollar lottery.
Most AVs use heuristics nowadays. And in fact started using heuristics a few years back. (More targeted to the conversation.)

If your trojan is not doing anything suspicious or trying to hide it's actions or install itself automatically and raise it's rights level or something, then what is there for the AV to find? If it's a legit program (as in, you have to install it yourself on both ends and it just reports info invisibly) then it's not much different from lots of other things out there like TeamViewer or something, and I'd hesitate to call it a trojan if that's the case.

Hatschi wrote:
All you need is a strong firewall because nowadays only trojans are being coded. No one is interested in making a virus or worm anymore.
Adware and scamware are one of the most common things I run into on people's machines, but what use will only a firewall do? You'd need to allow your browser through the firewall, and if the browser is being used as the attack vector (as in it's exploited and saves the infection to your drive)...

STN wrote:
STN is mostly right, however telling someone only brain.exe is necessary is bullshit, I'm sorry to say. There are several exploits uses javascript on websites as an example and hackers even inject website on normal sites. So an AV is still recommended, but it's not a 100% valid solution.
I'm not saying an AV is 100% protective.

But saying that you need no AV because they don't do anything is patent fucking bullshit (see news articles I posted earlier) and that Windows 98 mindset needs to die already.

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