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Plants vs Zombies Cheat +8

made by adhiCools @ 2012-07-11 22:47:13

Author comments:
Plants vs Zombies v1.1

1.No Sun Loss
2.Lost A Sun
3.Gaining Fast Combo
4.No Chocolate Loss
5.No Money Loss
6.1 Hit Kill
7.No Delay
8.God Mode

1.No Sun Loss
2.Lost A Sun
3.Gaining Fast Combo
4.No Chocolate Loss
5.No Money Loss
no : 1-5 credits by markheloking

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User comments:
Posted by markheloking at 2012-07-01 18:25:19
Correction: you only took the first 5 codes, the one-hit you did make yourself (or took from someone else).

Posted by markheloking at 2012-07-01 18:24:20
I find it very annoying that you take my scripts, which on itself is not that bad, putting two codes extra, and then without asking and without even mentioning my name for credits you post it here like it was yours to begin with.

Give credits to the people who actually made the original stuff, for I am offering it free of charge and for everyone to see, use and download. Don't be an ass.

Besides that: I updated my scripts: they are very clean and structured right now.

For facts: you use the same scripts as me for the first 6 codes, and even use the exact same names (although "Lots" is misspelled).

For optimization and learning for others: I thought about doing the "No delay" (or in my table "Insta-Build") the way he did, but his code doesn't take in consideration that different plants have different waiting times. His code only "loads faster" (adds more to the value which need to get up to x (different for plants) to re-load the plant for building), while my code just skips the loading part altogether.
Email me if you need any clearification.