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The Last Remnant - Version 1.0.515.0 (GM and more)

made by Recifense @ 2009-04-13 09:04:00

Author comments:
Hi guys,

Here is my contribution for "The Last Remnant" Version 1.0.515.0. The table contains a script with the following features:

- God Mode for player´s and guest groups;
- Maximum AP during combat;
- Minimum Gold;
- Minimum Item value (50); (valid for any item, but not for weapons)
- Weak Foe; (One hit kill)
- Minimum Gold value (you can change it);
- Pointer to Hero´s group HP; (Valid in combat)
- Pointer to Foe´s group HP; (Valid in combat)

It also contains 5 variables for enabling/disabling each feature. Use 0 for disabling it or any other number for enabling it. You can also change the minimum gold value. If you decided in not using the Weak Foe option but, during combat, you want to quicken up things, you can change your foe´s group HP via Pointer to Foe´s Group HP.

The minimum item feature will enable you to produce any available weapon/jewel and upgrade any of them.

For the newbies... remember to activate the script by enabling it. ;)

It is for CE 5.5


Download table


User comments:
Posted by Mjhtir at 2012-04-30 22:32:14
tips for Blueprint 1, Blueprint 2,Blueprint 3, and other item (use mr. digg)

1. find a resource do you want to dig

2. open cheat engine, click open process, mount at TLR. exe

3. find the number of harvested item (QTY)- set at 2 byte
e. g address :
description-address-type-value > untitled-17F3AE8C-2 byte-7
*7 is QTY of the harvested item

4. copy the addres do you find once again, and make the address -9 (xxxxxxx84)
e. g address :
untitled-17F3AE8C-2 byte-7
*(the copy address)
untitled-17F3AE8C-2 byte-7 changes to untitled-17F3AE84-2 byte-7
*17F3AE8C=xxxxxxx8C (the bottom number always 8C)
change to
5. change the value of edited address (xxxxxxx84, e. g 17F3AE84) to
*137=Blueprint 1
138=Blueprint 2
139=Blueprint 3
6. change the value of QTY address (xxxxxxx8C, e. g 17F3AE8C) to 100
7. done

*if you want the other item code ?
just changes the value on xxxxxxx84 and find the item by your self

#and sorry about my english