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XCOM: Enemy Unknown

made by jgoemat @ 2012-10-14 10:40:39

Author comments:

Edit soldiers in the barracks
Edit soldiers on missions/extra movement

Update 1: Added Money, Inventory, hotkey for super-soldier

Update 2: Complete revamp, included barracks soldier editor, found injection to use for MISSION SOLDIER EDITOR, it should be more reliable now, including 13 checks that it is a unit and 4 checks that it is a player and not an alien. Added F8 - Toggle Free Move that lets you repeatedly move as long as you don't go far enough to dash or do something else to end your turn like attack or reload. Added Scientists and Engineers under AOB STATICS, added movement to barracks editor

-----See forum for Update 5 with class/level/abilities, can't post over 1mb here and it's 1.3mb with the structures.-----

Update 3: Fixed for game update, working on script to find addresses

Update 4: Inventory values, static going off the same base as money/scientists/engineers

Update 5: Added class, level, xp (maybe) and Abilities to barracks soldier editor, see notes for details. Filled in inventory structure with some higher level items I've aquired. Some abilities

Download table


User comments:
Posted by rastaman9 at 2012-10-14 15:18:50
first let me say thanks for all the wonderfull work you've done and to keep up the great work i use the money part of your table but i guess when i freeze the value after about two missions my game crashed (save often so no real lost)

i looked in the forum but can't find xcom
also when i search i get this error
403. That’s an error.

Your client does not have permission to get URL /custom?domains=forum. cheatengine. org&q=XCOM+&sa=Search&sitesearch=forum. cheatengine. org&client=pub-2965724121945476&forid=1&ie=ISO-8859-1&oe=ISO-8859-1&cof=GALT%3A%23008000%3BGL%3A1%3BDIV%3A%23336699%3BVLC%3A663399%3BAH%3Acenter%3BBGC%3AFFFFFF%3BLBGC%3A336699%3BALC%3A0000FF%3BLC%3A0000FF%3BT%3A000000%3BGFNT%3A0000FF%3BGIMP%3A0000FF%3BFORID%3A1&hl=en from this server. (Client IP address: 71. 231. 102. 78)

We apologize for your inconvenience, but this request could not be processed.

Please click here to continue your search on Google.

That’s all we know.

can you email to me or post a link to it